Our goal is that you can focus on results - we'll provide flexible staffing solutions tailored for your needs.

Reasons to choose StaffMill

Scalable services

We'll care of all your local recruitment needs. But when business grows - are staffing services are still able to help. Staffing services provided nationwide.

Thorough and personalized recruitment process

Staffing services are always tailored. No need to worry, - we'll find just the right solution for you.

Easy and flexible

Flexible staffing solutions - Find a professional when you need one - either for longer or shorter time period.

Our services can be divided ruffly into three categories


Choose StaffMill HR when you want a flexible and comprehensive HR partner for your business. We’ll offer you arranged and personalized solutions such as:

  • Competent professionals and experts when you need them.
  • Tailored staff trainings and qualifications (including for example occupational cards and passports).
  • Constant personnel competence assessment.
  • HR data and analysis based on your needs.

We handle tailored expert recruitments. Let us find you a suitable employee for demanding tasks. StaffMill Executive is the right service when you’re searching for key personnel or expert knowledge.

StaffMill Executive is generally suitable for filling a need for an expert. Some examples of expert recruitments we’ve handled:

  • ICT-field (programming, website production)
  • Sales and Marketing (digital marketing, promotion, customer service and -management)
  • Social Healthcare (profit centers managerial roles, social and healthcare services leadership roles)

Do you urgently need helping hands? Did a big order or a work incident come by surprise?

StaffMill Pro workforce is designed for situations like these – let us help you find suitable professionals even with a short notice.

We have competence assessed professionals in our register who have already completed industry needed licenses and competences.

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