9 Great Ways On Writing the Ideal Job Ad to Get the Perfect Candidates


Getting the best candidates for your business can have a lot of advantages. It would mean the company will be on the right track, easier to delegate specific projects and most importantly, generate lots of income.

Unfortunately, getting the right one can be a daunting and even frustrating task. Filtering the ideal talent for a specific job position can be overwhelming. It is because of the resources that you have to pull out in order to amass a pool of people who expressed interest in the job.

There are several channels to pool the ideal talents for the job positions in the company. There are newspaper ads, online ads, social media platforms, and job boards. However, even with all the means, none of it would matter if the job ad was written is mediocre.

Posting about a job opportunity in your company would also take the correct skill to get it right. The more a job seeker learns about your job opening, the more likely they are to become suitable prospects.

Creating a job ad is similar to writing an advertisement for a brand or product. It is always necessary to know who the target audience is and what you can offer to them that they want. If your posting does not have the right information and good impression, it will certainly not coerce them to apply. Imagine the feeling of posting your written ad online or in a newspaper column and not getting any responses at all. It’s difficult when you’ve spent so much, and it only goes to waste.

Certain factors that you need to include is necessary when creating a job advertisement. Questions like who is my target market or what are they looking for? What is the current trend of individuals seeking out opportunities?

It’s important that when a potential job seeker reads your ad, it should directly speak to them. A job ad that is effective should not limit to looking like a blunt description. It should be crafted carefully and thoroughly to get the best and qualified candidate your company is looking for.


Nine ways to write the perfect job ad

  1. Create a catchy job title

Gone are the days when job ads would go directly to the point on job titles. Putting items like bookkeeper, or office secretary in your ad is not only obsolete, but it is likely to be bypassed by potential candidates.

Try spicing up your job titles while maintaining the objective of your job ad, which should be clearly expressed. For example, if you’re looking for an SEO online marketer, it should be specific.

  1. Give a detailed description about the role

Doing this can allow your candidate to compare his or her skills with what the company requires. It would also prevent disqualified people from applying. With a short job title, the description should also be expressed clearly that does not make the reader misinterpret the information.

One of the best ways to make job descriptions eye-catching and easy to read is by writing them in bullet points. It should show what the roles are expected of a qualified candidate should they place their application.

  1. Differentiate the meaning of “required” or “nice to have” set of skills

Often, the job would entail certain qualifications from a candidate that is preferred or optional. The job ad should clearly state the difference between the two to set expectations of skills that a candidate have.

  1. Avoid putting exaggerations in your job description

There are times companies place job ads that seem too good to be true. Try to avoid overstating the description in your job ad to avoid attracting gullible and non-performing candidates. When you sugarcoat your job ad, it can also appear unrealistic and even bogus. It’s better to keep it simple sometimes. For example, “Project manager to work part-time – ideal for working moms.”

  1. Lessen the idea of offering rewards, instead, offer challenges

It is also good to post about what benefits a potential can get when hired in your company. However, it can only make your company seem like an easy ride. Keep the rewards subtle, and place more emphasis on challenging them instead. This way, people with ambition and drive will more likely be attracted to your job ad.

  1. Introduce your company

Ideally, it is good to describe your company to the potential applicant. However, it’s wise not to put in too much details. The idea of the job post is to highlight what they can get if they respond to it. Inserting a little bit of information about your company is just a bonus. Doing so can also get your candidate excited about the company.

  1. Include important contact details for enquiries

In some ways, doing this can make the job easy for you. Adding contact details like a phone number or e-mail address can help you narrow down your choice of qualified candidates.

  1. Request for a cover letter

Although most companies do not require it, cover letters are very effective tools in the hiring process. A cover letter basically summarizes everything there is to know about a candidate. This information includes their objectives, educational background as well as their style of communication. This would then allow you to filter out candidates that are unsuitable candidates. When you ask for a cover letter with their resume and they do not submit it, it would reveal a lot about that person’s character.

  1. Pull off the short job description

Lastly, you do not have to whip out long and draggy details about the job position. Be concise about your objectives. Write your ad in a way that talks to your reader. Put in more effort into crafting your job ad, and you are sure to get the right candidate.