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Recruitment Process

  Starting a business is an achievement – but maintaining a business is success! Below are a few pointers and tips on the hiring process,

Introduction to remote teams

It is safe to say that we are entering an era of dispersed organizations due to global markets, corporate mergers and a decrease in the

Employer Branding: What is it?

Employer branding has become a buzzword of sorts recently in the business world. Despite its ongoing buzz, employer branding may not be fully understood and

Three Tips for Better Job Ads

Writing job ads can be a difficult project, but it doesn’t have to be. After all, you want a new employee, and a potential employee



We think that the right results come from the right people. You can focus on work while we take care of our role as a professional trustworthy recruiter. This means that in our work relations we always use the latest legal and professional agreements.

So that we can find just the right job opportunity for you – tell us about yourself and work/career goals with an open application. By leaving an open application, you’ll also be included in quiet searches, which aren’t displayed in our public work feeds. You can also use the reference to apply for specific jobs in our job listing.

Our goal is that you can focus on results – we’ll provide flexible staffing solutions tailored for your needs.