How to Select the Correct Job Title

It’s always a good sign when your company is growing and it becomes time to add a new position or perhaps even multiple new positions.  Of course, the first essential step is to create a list of all the tasks and expectations that will be required of the employee that will eventually fill your new position(s).  Part of the challenge as well, involves selecting an appropriate title that attracts the right individual to your company, along with succinctly defining a job’s responsibilities.  Listed below are 3 things to consider when crafting the ideal job title.

1.  Consider Corporate Culture

When you think about the type of employee you want to attract, consider how the job title will reflect your desired expectation.  If your company is more traditional, a job title that contains words such as “guru” or “ninja” may very well be passed over by the candidates you hope to attract.  Conversely, if you are trying to appeal to those who offer high levels of creativity and an innovative spirit, you may want to add a bit of an artistic flair to the job title.

2.  Consider Responsibility Level

It’s a given that those with a high degree of expertise will want a job title that reflects their level of accomplishment in their chosen field.  Therefore, it’s important for a business to provide a respectful job title for a position that requires a high degree of skill and responsibility.  There may be some instances where a business might want to attract someone who places significant weight to their job title vs. their actual responsibilities.  If that is the type of individual your business is seeking, then consider everything the employee is responsible for, then go one step higher when creating the actual job title.

3.  Describe the Open Position

This may be the most difficult part of creating a new job title, however it is the most important.  Ultimately, using anywhere from one to three descriptive words and rarely going beyond that, the purpose of a job title is to accurately describe the tasks associated with a specific position.  It may take some brainstorming to determine which key components of a position are best highlighted within the new job title.  When you arrive at two or three titles that seem appropriate, try entering them at sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed to see if they are connecting you with the right candidates.