What Software Developers Look for in a Job

In trying to understand what software developers look for in their next career position, it is best to narrow down job seekers into two basic categories.  The first category of developers are those who prefer to take big risks, which means they tend to gravitate toward startup companies.  The second category still wants to find a position that offers a high level of challenge, but they tend to seek employment with more established companies.  In this post, we will outline what each group of software developers look for and how companies can attract the right candidate.

Start Up Developers

If you are a startup company, the type of developer who will show the most interest in your position is definitely a challenge junkie — and they don’t mind accepting some risk if they think the reward potential is high.  The payoff they seek might not necessarily be a financial one, although for some compensation could still be a big factor.  In other cases, startup developers are willing to work hard and put in extra time if they believe in the dream of the project.  Perhaps the app being developed solves a significant problem, allowing the developer to feel as if they were part of a game changing project.  In other cases, the developer expects to receive significantly more responsibility if they play a strategic role in a development project’s success.  Whatever the open position offers, startup companies need to sell the excitement of the vision of their software development project.  Framing a software development job opening in very positive language and relaying all the challenge and reward potential of the open position will attract the right people.

Challenging – Yet Less Risk

Software developers will always be challenge junkies.  As displayed by their high level of education, along with their technological expertise, they are by nature, goal-oriented individuals.  However, some prefer to avoid the higher risk often found in startup projects.  Instead, they prefer to obtain their career satisfaction with more established companies.  These developers still have an impressive level of technology skills.  This, along with their excellent work ethic gives them the solid background needed for large projects that require solid commitment.  Companies who need developers for large projects in well-established companies still need to appeal to a developer’s need for continual challenge, their desire to set and reach goals, as well as offering a high level of satisfaction by feeling they are an integral part of a team.