What Do Good Performers Look for in a Job?

Finding a job in the performance industry can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that performers are willing to take just anything. A good performer–one with a solid work ethic and the skills you need to make your next production a success–will look for several key things in an available job.

A Solid Reputation

Performers know that there are plenty of sketchy theatre with bad working conditions. They want to work for a place with a great reputation: a studio or theatre where their skills will be appreciated and they’ll be taken care of by the staff. This is one of the reasons brand management is so critical when you’re working with any type of employee, but particularly those in the performance industry.

Interesting or Challenging Work

Performers are always looking for something new. They’re ready to move forward with the next challenge or to discover some new, interesting role or performance. If you want to attract performers, offer them something unique: an experience that they aren’t going to be able to get anywhere else.

More Than Money

Performers, more than any other type of employee, are well aware that there’s more to life than money (after all, that “starving artist” stereotype doesn’t come out of nowhere). While a solid salary and good benefits are a great lure, performers are looking for more than just a paycheque when they choose their next position, and they’re unlikely to be lured away from a good job by financial promises. Instead, the key is offering them a great experience, whether through your reputation as an employer or through your next performance.

Attracting great performers is an ongoing process for many employers, with new productions to put together on a regular basis. If you need better job descriptions or a better way to get them out there, contact us today to learn more about how we can help.