Company Description in a Job Ad – How to Make yours Stand out

With today’s vibrant economy, it is a bit more challenging for companies to find exactly the right type of talent they are looking for.  In this post, we offer some tips on how to make your company shine and stand out from the rest of the pack.

Toot Your Own Horn

If your business is growing, it means the future is looking bright not only for your business but for the employees as well.  Let this positive outlook and enthusiasm shine through when writing job ads for open positions.  Rather than simply listing facts and providing a list of job skills you are looking for, weave some positive emotive language throughout your ad.  Conveying real enthusiasm and passion for your company’s mission and what current employees are experiencing, can in turn generate a matching desire in job seekers to become part of your dynamic team.  In other words, it’s time to toot your own horn, perhaps even brag a bit, to “sell” your company’s vision to others who are looking for an opportunity to become part of a growing, dynamic environment.

Prepare by Analysis

Of course, in order to toot your own horn, it is necessary first to perform some objective analysis of both your business and the open job position.  The ultimate goal in attracting job seekers is to find the right candidate who will be a great match both for the position and for your specific company culture.  There is no point in “bragging” about the casual office environment at your place of business if your corporate culture is anything but casual.  An honest and objective analysis is the most effective avenue to best understand what your business has to offer to the right person.  Even if there is a potentially negative sounding aspect of the position, such as the need for long hours, it is best to be honest about the requirements.  The key is to phrase the aspect in such a way as to attract the right candidates.  “Calling all hard workers!” or “Great opportunity for overtime!” sounds much more positive and dynamic than “Candidate must work long hours”.


It might take some time to analyze your company and then craft an ad that positively reflects what your business has to offer, but ultimately it will pay off in the long run.  Your ads will tend to attract energetic candidates that enthusiastically want to become part of your corporate vision.