Everything You Need To Know About Structured Interviews

What are structured job interviews? Why should companies use structured interviews? How do you conduct a structured interview? These are some of the questions about structured interviews many employers have been asking since the start of this year. As a leader in the recruitment and job search industry, we’ve given the best answers you can ever get from experts. Read on to learn more.

What are structured job interviews?

A structured job interview is simply a style of a job interview. It is a formal, standardized and organized way of evaluating and comparing various job applicants. Typically, an employer comes up with many interview questions focused on the abilities, skills, and experience the company is seeking. During an interview, each job applicant is systematically asked the same number of questions.

Why should a company use structured interviews?

Using structured interviews to evaluate various interviewees increases the chances of hiring the most successful candidates. This is possible because the interview format allows the interviewee to assess hard-to-measure abilities and skills such as oral communication, and interpersonal skills.

Recruiting the most successful candidates is not the only benefit of a structured interview. According to the research conducted by RemarkAbleHR Solutions, there are several problems regarding subjective interview techniques. Although no system is perfect, standardized and organized interviews is the best way to ensure fairness and consistency during the hiring process.

When to use a structured job interview?

Structured job interviews are used by employers when they want to assess candidates without any bias. In fact, there is no chance of subjective or unfair assessment during the hiring process because the interview questions are usually pre-determined and systematically asked. The ranking system also helps employers to avoid any legal issues that typically emerge as a result of unjust or tribe-influenced hiring practices.

How do you conduct a structured interview?

There are several steps that are involved when you conduct a structured interview. Some of these steps include:

• Conducting a job analysis to match skills to the available job tasks.

• Define the requirements needed for the job position.

• Developing lead and probing questions

• Determining the grading scale

If you have any question about structured interviews or more tips on how to conduct a structured interview during the hiring process, feel free to contact us.