Improving Workplace Safety for Your Office Workers

Office jobs are generally considered to be relatively safe positions. After all, you aren’t dealing with the hazards you find in, for example, construction or manufacturing! There are still, however, several workplace safety tips that will help keep your office workers safer.

Tip #1: Decrease Clutter Throughout the Office

Boxes piled in walkways, materials stacked everywhere: these are significant trip and fall hazards, and they can cause serious problems for your employees! Create an office-wide policy that ensures that clutter will be picked up regularly. Designating a storeroom for bulky shipments or to deal with materials until they are sorted will help keep the entire office safer.

Tip #2: Clearly Post Emergency Procedures

If there’s a fire, a carbon monoxide leak, or another problem in your building, how do employees get out? Do you have specific procedures for work emergencies, including hazards like snow and ice? Make sure that these policies are clearly posted in a location where employees can view them regularly.

Tip #3: Invest in Appropriate-Height Ladders

There aren’t many items in your office that are out of reach–or so you think. In many cases, employees will hop up on chairs or climb on counter tops to reach important items that are just a little out of reach. Unfortunately, this creates substantial fall hazards! Provide ladders instead, whether that means stepladders or ladders that stretch to their full height.

Tip #4: Offer Freedom to Move Around

Tripping and falling, slipping on wet surfaces, or having a box fall on your head aren’t the biggest hazards faced by many office workers. Sitting behind a desk all day can cause a number of health-related problems, from stiffness and soreness to more significant issues. Give workers the freedom to get up and move around periodically to keep blood flowing. This may also help improve productivity, so it’s a win for everyone involved!

Tip #5: Clean Out the Office Fridge

There’s a yogurt cup in the back of the fridge that hasn’t actually been touched for months. Funky smells fill the office refrigerator. If it’s been far too long since the last time your fridge was cleaned out, you could be harbouring bacteria that can make your employees sick! Institute regular fridge cleaning as part of your regular office protocol.

Keeping your office staff safe is an ongoing process–and it’s not limited to ensuring that they won’t fall over their own feet! By following these key safety tips, you can improve safety throughout your organisation.