How to do it effectively and affordably

When recruiting new people it is often challenging to get the best applicants to see your job post. How could you make recruiting more easy, more quick and cheaper? Lets go through a few possible solutions.

Using rented labor

Using rented labor companies has many positive points to it. When another company does the recruiting process —  time is saved. Sometimes one might get hundreds of applications in recruiting processes. One has to go through them, interview applicants, and then compare the applicants. The whole process can take days. So giving the recruiting process to a recruiting company saves a lot of time and thus money as well.

The applicants focus on the position and not on the company. Focusing on the position makes it sure that the applicants are genuinely focused on the work and not on working for a specific employer.

Rented labor companies are professionals in recruiting. Even though a company might have done recruitment before, often a professional rented labor company has more expertise in doing recruitment. This also is shown in that, that mistakes in the recruitment process are not as likely. Someone who is a professional in recruitment has a wide network already and know how to utilize different networks in the best possible way. To find the right person to the right position.


Rented labor company like

Networks, networks, networks

Using your networks actively to promote your open positions. According to LinkedIn’s research if a potential candidate is already engaged with your brand (ie. following your brand on LinkedIn), they are 95 % more likely to accept your message, making it possible to offer them a position. So remember to offer relevant information to potential future employees!

Besides using just social media networks remember to put other networks to good use as well! Fore example in the US, what was found is that 56 % of software engineers moved to companies where they already knew someone (Source:

Another way to get to potential employees is to approach events as potential recruiting situations. Going to events that have nothing to do with recruitment is a good way to find candidates that you already have something in common with. For example education-events are a great way to reach professionals in the field of education who want to develop themselves in that specific field.


Another good thing about going to events is that, that way you can approach candidates with similar values. For instance, attending events that have eco-friendly values will bring forth potential candidates with similar values.

Getting employees who match your companies values are more committed and are more happy. Having values match with your companies values also make your companies work atmosphere better. Work atmosphere is the third most important factor when choosing a company to apply to. Unfortunately approximately 36 % of potential candidates say that they get enough information regarding work atmosphere from the company website (Source: T-Media) So make sure to communicate your values on your company website or social media.

Go for creative job advertisement! 

Just like job hunting, so is recruitment sometimes a challenging business. That’s why its a good idea to possibly use a creative marketing solution, using videos or podcasts or other potential advertising methods to get your open positions in front of the right candidates. Only ones imagination is the limit in using a creative job advertisement. For example using a visual job advertisement. As stated before by providing relevant information to your potential future employees already in before hand, making them aware of your company and your work atmosphere.

Simple solutions such as using current and modern recruitment tools. Utilizing current and easy to use tools to make your recruitment process as applicant-friendly as possible. A good experience for the applicant can make the difference. Having an open conversation with your applicants on how the recruiting process is going. This is a relatively easy solution that many companies do not follow. According to research (Source: T-Media) only 23 % got a response from all the companies they applied to. So make sure to follow through the whole process.

Follow the tips above and make your recruitment process as easy, efficient and above else — quick, as possible.